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Oh Me

Posted on 2010.09.21 at 21:23

This goes on my list of favorite songs I've heard live. They did this much better at Bumbershoot this year. Fun fact: I did not know that the Meat Puppets were a power-trio. I just assumed that it was two guitars. You may remember this song as performed, with the principle Meat Puppets, on Nirvana's Unplugged special.  I thought it was pretty good there too.

I could not find a studio version for comparison.  It sounds a little different, since it was off their second album, before Curt Kirkwood decided to try singing in key.

Old Friends

Posted on 2010.07.18 at 09:16
Current Music: Morphine
My best friend from High School found me on Facebook on Friday. I hadn't talked to him in something like 8 years. Awesome. Go Facebook.

I got a Kick out of This

Posted on 2010.06.09 at 23:03
Current Music: Foo Fighters - New Way Home

Posted on 2010.03.29 at 23:13
Today was a crappy weather day in Seattle. The cloudy, drippy weather that they like to show on TV. I go to my Sansa for a little cheering and what did I load onto it the night before? The happy mix of Mike Johnson, Mark Lanegan, Morphine and Nirvana. My playlist should have come with a needle full of heroin.

Slug Bug

Posted on 2010.03.21 at 22:15
At Volkswagen headquarters somewhere in Germany:

"So let me get this straight, the Americans have a game where they have to strike each other when they see one of our cars. And we're making this into our new ad campaign?"


Posted on 2010.01.31 at 09:08
I am now 30. That is all.

Posted on 2009.11.21 at 18:34
Back from Vegas. It was great.

Posted on 2009.11.21 at 18:34
Apparently the rock critic for Fresh Air isn't into the Beatles. Not that he wasn't a fan, but he made it sound like he chose not to educate himself on them. Really? You're going to be a rock critic without giving A Hard Day's Night a few spins? How can you get away with that? I can understand not liking them, but choosing to ignore them seems irresponsible as a rock critic. I've been trying to come up with reasonable analogies. It's like if I said I was a Psychologist, but just didn't want to learn anything about behaviorism. Or a baseball writer who just decided they weren't going to learn anything about the Yankees. Or a physicist who just isn't that interested in gravity. Or I want to be an astronaut, but I don't like heights. It's that fundamental. Needless to say,this is not a person I'm going to trust as a "rock critic".

New Job

Posted on 2009.09.21 at 12:09
Got a third part-time job at Children's Hospital.  I start Monday.

Black River Killer

Posted on 2009.09.07 at 11:19
This is the song I can't get out of my head.  The video is a little "music video-y", but I still kind of like it.  The band is Blitzen Trapper, out of Portland.   Jon tried to turn me onto them a while ago, but it didn't really stick until I heard them on Sound Opinions

For Jon, Really

Posted on 2009.08.23 at 19:11


Posted on 2009.08.17 at 21:21
Hey, who has a Master of Science diploma and a working index finger?  This guy does!  Click through to see what 30K+ in debt and six years of your life can get you.


Posted on 2009.07.30 at 21:42
Current Music: Black Sabbath - NIB
I just a burrito that was too beautiful to live.  Alyssa was meeting a friend for dinner, so I was on my own.  I got back from the playtest lab and proceeded to fry up some ground beef, on the verge of turning, with onions and hot sauce.  Then I piled on two kinds of cheese, onions, refried beans, black olives, sour cream, and salsa.  It took two tortillas to handle it all.  I made Tristan play  Enino Morricone's The Ecstasy of Gold while I ate it.  The song had just begun its crescendo when my package of pure flavor started to disintegrate in my hands.  The burrito wasn't meant long for this world, but provided joy in it's journey through the world.  God-speed, Giant Burrito, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again soon.


Posted on 2009.07.08 at 09:44

I've Arrived

Posted on 2009.07.07 at 08:35
As I sit here in my bathrobe drinking coffee with slightly spoiled milk.   It's going to be one of those days.

From Fail Blog

Posted on 2009.06.12 at 21:46
Current Music: Mondo Generator - Dead Planet

Music History

Posted on 2009.06.09 at 10:29
Current Music: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
I like thinking about the social and cultural significance of popular music, but I can only read so many articles that tell me that, because I like Art Rock and don't like Disco, I'm a homophobic racist.  I kind of have to roll my eyes at the whole affair.

Microsoft to Controllers: Go Suck It

Posted on 2009.06.02 at 08:59
My initial verdict is that it will be completely rad or a Power Glove level gimmick.

Exciting Game

Posted on 2009.04.13 at 08:18
For the first time in playtest history, I had a participant fall asleep while playing a game this weekend. 

The Pattern

Posted on 2009.04.10 at 08:42
Current Music: Witchcraft - Lady Winter
Summer 1998:
  • I graduate Hischool
  • Blizzard releases Starcraft
  • Queens of the Stone Age release Q.O.T.S.A.
Spring 2002:
  • I graduate from UW
  • Blizzard releases Warcraft 3
  • Queens of the Stone Age release Songs for the Deaf
Winter 2009:
  • I finish my Master's Thesis
  • So where my new Blizzard game and QotSA album?  I held up my end of the deal.  Ball's in your court, guys.

Ah, Tax Season

Posted on 2009.04.01 at 10:15
Current Music: Metallica - One
When one's relative poverty is put into hard, numeric terms.  At least I get a (relativly) big refund.

Looking Ahead

Posted on 2009.03.22 at 11:03
There have been a lot of things I've been putting off while I was in the grips of thesis madness.  I have been putting off some of them for a very long time.  In no particular order:

- Help Alyssa finish her thesis
- Deep clean the house
- Organize the garage
- Look for cheaper rent
- Do 2008 taxes
- Upgrade health insurance (must do before 1st)
- Plan Alyssa's b-day
- Write a comic with Tristan
- Play a big pile of games
- Read a BIG pile of books
- Cut back on the Pepsi
- Work a lot to create some savings
- Turn my thesis research into a publication for Cultic Studies Review
- Visit my dad's family in LS more
- Get rid of the air hockey table

That's what's on my mind now.  Looking at the list, I think I had better stop dicking around on LJ for right now.

Looking Back

Posted on 2009.03.22 at 10:38
Current Music: Meat Puppets II
I turned in the final draft of my thesis on Friday.  It ended up being 84 pages with appendices and references.  The tables, figures and getting the page numbers in the correct spot were the hardest part.  I still need to get another round of edits from the grad office, but that shouldn't be too difficult.  Then I can print it on cotton bond paper and get it bound. 

Thought I'd do a retrospect to put things in perspective.  Since I began Graduate School I:
- Lived in four different homes
- Held three different jobs (four if you count Lead Mod and Mod as two separate jobs)
- Replaced my car and computer
- Been to Nevada, California, Oregon, and for the first time, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.
- Been off the continent to London, England
- Started a livejournal, MySpace and Facebook page
- Met the woman I'm probably going to marry
- Had five birthdays
- Saw my dad once, and my brother twice
- Became dad to two cats

More globally:
- Two presidential elections have taken place
- Five World Series have taken place
- The Mariners have used five different managers
- Sony and Microsoft produced next-gen consoles
- Two QOTSA albums have been released

I'm sure there are other things.  I'll post them as I think of them, also please comment with anything that has changed since 2004, personal or otherwise.


Posted on 2009.03.19 at 13:31
Current Music: Trees - Standing on the Edge
Remember that it is "toward."  Using "towards" is a filthy British way to spell it.


Posted on 2009.03.13 at 19:44

US Presidents

Posted on 2009.03.05 at 17:02
And it would have been 29 if I could spell "Van Buren", "Eisenhower" and for some reason they only accept George Washington's full name.  Damnit.

Hey Guess Who Has a Defense Date?

Posted on 2009.03.05 at 12:50
Current Music: Black Keys - Modern Times
This guy!  Friday the 13th (you can't make this shit up) at 10.  This is the second-to-last hurtle for being a fully fledged master of science.  The second is the dreaded style and format masters at the grad office.  Wish me luck.

I Hit a Chair

Posted on 2009.03.05 at 08:56
Coming home from MS last night, I narrowly missed the back of an office chair on the on-ramp to 520.  However, I didn't miss the bottom to the chair.  It put a big, nasty hole in my front tire.  Fucking chairs.

Fever Conversation

Posted on 2009.03.03 at 19:30
Me: "Tom Hicks... Wait..."
Trist: "No that's Tim Hicks."
Me: "But wait, what if it was Tom Hicks?"
Tris: "You mean Tom Hanks in Castaway?"
Me: "No the comedian Tom Hicks... Wait no...  Bill Hicks!  Man, I'm glad I didn't decided to drive to work today."

And that's been my weekend.  Get your flu shots, kids.

New Music Friday

Posted on 2009.02.27 at 17:58
It's been a while since I shared music, that I'm sure no one wants to hear, so I figure we're all due.

I got myself an Earthlings? cd for my birthday.  They were one of the big Man's Ruin/Desert Sessions (in fact the Desert Sessions traditionally takes place on Fred Drake's Arizona ranch) bands that owed a lot to Masters of Reality.  The vocalist, Peter Stahl, fronted Scream and Wool and did the vocals for one of my favorite songs of all time, Cake (Who Shit on the?) off of the first Desert Sessions album.  I've head the Earthlings? Stungun as one of my favorite three minute songs for a few years now (it has one of the best killer guitar solos you'll ever hear), but finally ponied up the money for the whole album.  I'm pretty excited to find an actual video.  This sort of space rock is pretty typical, thought the album cut goes on for another four minutes or so.

A VALIS track off their Head Full of Pills album from 2004.  I'm sure I talked about it back when I got it, so I won't go into it too much.  I'm not a big fan of the video, but I do enjoy this song quite a bit.  I saw them in 2003 and they blew my mind (they played a theremin) but saw them again in 2005 with less awesome results.  No theremin and Van Conner wandered off the stage for extended part of the set. They have a new album coming out soon.  Jon and I may go see them tonight, if one of us doesn't vag-out (my money is on him). 

And this one just made me giggle, though if you haven't listened to Green Machine about 100,000 times like I have, it's probably not as funny.


Posted on 2009.02.26 at 22:04
Looks like they're cutting my pay by 10% at Microsoft.

I Thought that this was Interesting

Posted on 2009.02.11 at 08:22

On the Verge...

Posted on 2009.02.08 at 21:40
Current Music: The Desert Sessions - Johnny the Boy
Just put all the sections of my thesis together.  It's 55 pages, not including appendices, reference lists and a few tables.  I still have a fantastic amount of editing, re-writing and formatting, but all the content has basically been created.  Go me.

Mulholland Drive

Posted on 2009.02.04 at 09:18
Current Music: Beck - Mutations
For all the people who like their movies to make sense, David Lynch has two words for you: "Suck it."

What I've Been Up To

Posted on 2009.01.24 at 20:16
Current Music: Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
I've been an awfully big LJ slacker lately, and it probably won't change for a while.  I work during the day at the office of the same chain of pet food stores that Alyssa works at.  I do accounting there.  If anyone had ever told me that I'd be doing accounting, I would have thought that they were crazy, yet here we are.  This is my buffer against Microsoft layoffs.  I don't think that they're going to lay me off from my evening/weekend job at playtest.  They just built us our own wing of a building and are more likely to just not re-hire at the end of our 100 day breaks.  But you never know.  In all that spare time between the two jobs, I'm jamming out my thesis.  I have half the conclusions to finish, which I hope to do this weekend and then I can begin the mammaoth task of editing it all together.  I may even finish this quarter.

That's the news with me.  How are you?


Posted on 2008.12.16 at 11:04
Current Music: Ten Silver Drops
Yesterday I got paid for playing video games and drinking soda.  My 12 year old self is dying with envy.

Good Times, eh?

Posted on 2008.12.02 at 09:02
Things are getting pretty interesting in Canadian politics.

Gears 2

Posted on 2008.11.12 at 11:15
Current Music: Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Man, this is what I was thinking when I played Gears for the first time.

Election Predictions

Posted on 2008.10.29 at 16:03
I know that it's kitchy, but I find this sort of thing interesting.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 09:36

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